Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh

Dr. Andy Walshe—High Performance Director, Red Bull North America

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of a mad scientist would invite pro surfers to spend a week cross-training with free-hold breath divers (just to see how long they could get pinned underwater by giant waves,) or would strap sensors all over a fearless man about to free fall from the edges of outer space–Walshe is the man.

An Aussie researcher who designed and implemented the state-of-the-art training facilities for the US Ski and Snowboard Teams’ High Performance Program, Andy is passionate about delivering pragmatic solutions to explore human potential.

He now spends his days with Lindsay, Shaun, Mick, Travis (more than one) and a host of other icons of action sports.  Andy’s constantly pushing the edge of bio and psycho metrics, innnovative training equipment  (like a forty foot super bungee that catapaults snowboarders high enough to spin quads) and interdiscplinary research to give the athletes that ride The Bull the competitive edge.

It’s not fair really, but someone’s got to have that job–Andy’s just the bloke that created it.